There’s a Secret to Good Health That No One’s Told You

There are plenty of issues connected with health and well being or wellness. A vital one that is often neglected, however, is the effect of our mental beliefs on the performance of the physical body, especially on the topic of health. Few people stop to needless to say our beliefs have anything to do with the process of health at all, quite that the health of our bodies is of course something that happens to us rather than by us. Our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and beliefs, nonetheless are intimately connected to our physical well being and even cause good health or harmful health, or perhaps disease or vitality. In case you are broken-hearted, for example, or feel that you happen to be heartless or cold-hearted, then those emotions will often be reflected in a single way or another by the heart by itself. Health and well-being must be used in the larger context of our psychological lives. To change our health for the much better then we must start to change our beliefs. It ought to come as no surprise, that virtually any discussion on health and wellness, will need to take into account exercise, diet and also supplementation (in the form of vitamins and minerals). When I mention vitamins and minerals, I include natural herbs in the discussion. These three secrets of health and wellness are the foundation upon which good health is built.

Few stop to think, and even fewer teach about the result of our mental beliefs upon the physical body. Our emotions together with thoughts are alive with energy. The loss of feeling of exuberance and this health store is often due to a blockage of electricity caused by the inability to convey oneself in some area of our lives. This leads to frustration and dissatisfaction which break down the body’s natural rhythms, and if these feelings persist long enough to bouts of poor health. When discussing health and wellness, diet is the real foundation upon which all roads to health and wellness rest upon. If we eat a healthy diet filled with meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables we balance our metabolism and greater health is a direct consequence. Our blood sugar stabilizes as we eat a diet that is more natural and in tune with how we are designed to eat. In particular, a low carb high protein diet is most beneficial to balancing out nutrition needs and also helps us to maintain a normal and healthy weight.

Eating well is a sign that an individual wants to take care of his or her body. People who are depressed, lack energy, or are otherwise not feeling well are not feeling well about themselves first. The body beautifully reflects our inner attitudes and beliefs. The body is naturally vital and full of energy. It is our own ideas that either hamper its efficiency or promote its health.